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  1. Hi Mikel and Zach, Thanks for the help! I really appreciate you guys taking time to look into this and it absolutely makes sense to use the equation as described. Thanks Again!
  2. Hi! I'm using the ScrollTo plugin to create an autoscroll for a text which I need to show on different scenarios. In this case depending on the scenario the width of the container will be different making the height of the whole text to vary between each scenario. I tried using scrollTo: { y: 'max' } to always go to the very bottom, and set the animation duration to 165. While checking I noticed that the speed of the scroll is different on each scenario and I need them to scroll at the same speed. So, I was wondering if there is a way in which I could control the scroll speed to show them all scrolling consistently at the same speed.
  3. Hi! I've been using GSAP for animations on banners and right now I'm having kind of an issue with the ScrollTo plugin, in which the autoscroll reduces its speed while advancing through the text until it completely stops at the end of it. I've looked at the documentation and different examples but I'm not able to get it to scroll consistently until the very end. The code I'm using to create the auto scroll is the following: TweenLite.to(simplebar.getScrollElement(), 100, { scrollTo: { y: 'max' }, ease: Power0.easeNone }); I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or missing something in this case. And by the way the code provided on Codepen is built with GWD. I hope there is something that can be done here. Thanks in advance, Andres.