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    bug on iphone

    Hi, I have this problem only on iOS. The animation foresees the appearance of the text and then it should move upwards. on android and pc it works perfectly, while on iphone as you can see from codepen it snaps to the left and moves with less fluidity. can anyone help me?
  2. Nexal

    Animate only once

    Hi, i want to animate with TweenMax only once. it is possible to do it? the animation should be triggered only the first time that the user open the page. so if the user go into other page and then he came back the animation doesn't have to trigger. Can I only use the sessions to do it or do some other methods exist?
  3. hi, I'm having problems with gsap animation on ios (phone, tablet) when I have a certain number of animations on the same page. to fix the problem I added to the elements that caused the problem 'will-change: transform;' and now it works, but if you look on codepen you will see that the quality of the element is lost and becomes very large. how can i solve? on codepen I have inserted only the code necessary to visualize the animation that creates problems.