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  1. Hi @mikel, Thank you so much for your help, we are clear with the responsive issue, and we were able to solve the issue. Thanks a Lot. @ZachSaucier Thank you for Helping us out, we are going through the documents, thank you guys for all your support. Happy Tweening... Regards, Akshay Manoj
  2. Hi Zach, We are actually new to this technology(GSAP), it would be great if you could share us some documentation or any Informations related to GSAP. our main concern right now is regarding responsiveness. if you can give a breif or let usk know how we can work on responsiveness using GSAP, it would be really helpful at this time. like if using boostrsap we have xs,md,lg, xl. we tried combining it with gsap but its not working out. Does GSAP has any other tools to overcome this alignment issue?
  3. Thank you ZachSaucier For your response, let us check the link. if we were not able to solve the issue from the given document, we will import the miniature model of the issue in the project in Codepen and update you the code in the live environment is an updated version to show case the client temporarily. will sent the original Code through code pen. thank you & Have a great day.
  4. Hi Guys, Dileep Kp is part of our team, we are new to GSAP. we are having major issues in terms of Website responsiveness. we have started by creating a landing page for our client (http://sreejith.31its.com/), So when the page loads in normal Desktop, everything works perfectly the alighnments are as per our requirements. but when opened from a small screen resolution the contents get wrongly aligned. If you could let us know hoe we can adjust responsivness in GSAP it would be helpful, we tried using Bootstrap and using media queries but still its not getting properly aligned. Please provide your support, Thank you.