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  1. i used code from this pen https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/ppzxpR to add anchor based scroll in my website but it is not working in my website please help here is my pen https://codepen.io/twinklek55/pen/zVEjxW
  2. i have edited it and added new things but still the TimelineMax animation is not working feel free to edit the code since i am a beginner with GSAP https://codepen.io/twinklek55/pen/zVEjxW and the anchor based scroll is working but the console is throwing some errors such as " Uncaught TypeError: ".slides_panel".width is not a function" if i remove that i doesn't work but if i leave it as it is it works but throws this error please help me with this. thanks
  3. i am trying to fade out the id of portfolioText and animate x position of :before property of portfolio class
  4. Hi i am using scroll magic and TimelineMax and but the element is animating endlessly and even without getting into the view please help? here is my codepen link: https://codepen.io/twinklek55/pen/MMvroB