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  1. Hi mikel, thanks for your solution. I already thought about that. The only point why i would not like to use this is: each of my DIVs has the values stored inside. To use your approach i first have to iterate through the DIVs and fill the array and then tween them and i would like to do this without this extra step. I thought: "OK, if GSAP iterates through my DIVs to tween them, i could get the tween values in the same step". But I will give it a try, its the best way so... THX a lot! ?
  2. Hi, i have an array of html-object i want to tween. e.g: array = $('.test'); <div class="test"></div> <div class="test"></div> <div class="test"></div> each object has values for tweening: e.g. $('.test')[0]._newPosition.x; Now I want to stagger them and get the tween-values from itself like: TweenMax.staggerTo( $('.test'), 1, { x: {currentTween}.target._newsPosition.x, y: {currentTween}.target._newsPosition.y }, .02); Is this possible and if how? THX...
  3. Thanks a lot OSUblake, im really relieved now... ... and even know how "autoscroll" works may i ask you answering me one more question?: you mentioned in this topic: if you want to change the grid (e.g.: columns, rows) , it is better to get the position of all items in the grid, then apply the new layout (css-properties) to the grid-container and finally move (tween) all items from their original position to their new position. i played with tweening the css-property directly like: TweenMax.to( gridContainer, timeE, { css:{ gridTemplateRows: '2fr 6fr', '-ms-grid-rows' : '2fr 6fr' }, ease: 'normal' } ); //ease: 'normal' is my custom ease... is this way a bad idea?
  4. Hi, i´m getting a "layoutout-crash" if i try to apply "draggable" to en elment which is styled/position using the css grid property. Everything works fine by dragging (outside top,left, bottom) till i drag the element to the right ouside of my grid-container. When i grap it again -> layout-crash Am i doing something the wrong way? Here is a codePen:
  5. hi, my pov was simple: OK this div has no shadow, when i hover it, it get's an shadow of ..., on hover out i want go back (animated via Greensock) to no shadow. I don't know the engine of Greensock (btw: i love greensock), but i thought greensock sees 'border:none' == 'border:0px' or similar. sorry, perhaps my english is not that good to explain it more detailed...
  6. Ok Thanks a lot, thought 'none' is a possible value for 'border', boxShadow' etc. ..., like 'from shadow to no shadow'. Never used 'none' before...
  7. Hi, i`m experience a bug in tweening 'boxShadow'. By tweening to a boxshadow and tweening back to 'none', TweenMax tweens to boxShadow:'0px 0px 0px 0px rgba(153,153,153) i tried different browsers (FF, FF dev, Safari, Chome), same result. Here is an codepen(from another topic), but updated with a boxShadow on hover:
  8. THX a lot, i just ended up with animating X1,X2 like PointC. @JACK / Greensock: i´m using firefox developer edition. Your solution (path instead line) shows the same issue but not that extreme like in safari. So we have 2 browsers with this issue right now...
  9. Dear Dipscom, Thank you a lot for answer. My original code is almost like yours (except 'staggerTo' and 'cycle'), i decided to deminify it and add a few things for this topic ;). I love Greensock, and the past few years I did lot of cool stuff but what was new to me is the "cycle"-property, nerver used it before. Changing the line-length was my first solution, but i want to be more flexible (and wanted to learn the usage of drawSVG), so i tried to change the length via drawSVG (-> 20% 80%). I copied your code to my codepen (hope it`s ok?!) and changed overlaySchliessenTL.from to overlaySchliessenTL.fromTo...{drawSVG: '20% 80%'} and the strange thing occurs again (still Safari only). Do you have any idea why this happens? BTW: I always used the jQuery way for my objects: var myObject = $('#myobject'). Does GSAP runs faster by using var myObject = '#myObject'?
  10. Hi guys, i´m tweening a closing cross via drawSVG-Plugin. Looks nice, but Safari ... uuh, ist doing ohter things. Here is a codepen:
  11. THX a lot guys, i worked to hard yesterday. Well, i was only using the fill-property, no path... applied
  12. Hi, i got a strange problem: I want to animate the following SVG: <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" width="512" height="512" viewBox="0 0 512 512"> <path id="cross" d="M405 136.798L375.202 107 256 226.202 136.798 107 107 136.798 226.202 256 107 375.202 136.798 405 256 285.798 375.202 405 405 375.202 285.798 256"/> </svg> TweenMax.to( $('#cross') , 1, { drawSVG:"0%" } ); I see in the DOM-Tree GSAP is changing values, but without any visual changes. What am I doing wrong?
  13. GOT IT! -> By setting the position via "top" and "left" and not "x" and "y" solved my problem.
  14. HI Jonathan, i tried to set the transformOrigin, even onClick ( updated codepen ). It still doesn't work.If the panel is not on its origin position, the perspective's origin seems to be 0,0. Codepen: https://codepen.io/Michelangelo666/pen/BZKeZE click the button to start the animation, then drag the panel to the right and start the animation again, the perspective is not like at its origin position. I really don't know what i'm doing wrong... ... tried this, with no success: TweenMax.set(".panel", {transformOrigin:"50% 50%"});
  15. Hi Jonathan, 1. Sorry for my bad englisch 2. big THX for you reply It is the transform perspective. I globally set "CSSPlugin.defaultTransformPerspective = 800;". the ohter stuff is ok, ther is no conflict. I've updated my Codpen. So what i want is, that the panels perspective is like if it is in the top left corner of the red container, no matter at which position it is. If you drag the panel to the very right, its perspective is strange (?) whats wrong with my way of thinking... ?! https://codepen.io/Michelangelo666/pen/BZKeZE