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  1. @PointC and @GreenSock I did as recommended, put them in separate SVGs, wrapped each SVG in a <div>, then put a class on the <div> However, the z-index is still not changing. Here's the codepen I'm working off of: https://codepen.io/cooganb/pen/wVYaJw
  2. @PointC and @GreenSock Thank you! I didn't think about making each their own unique SVG -- I will give it a try now!
  3. Hi there! I'm trying to create an "orbit" effect with these two SVG objects. however, I'm reading that z-index doesn't really work within an animation, as SVGs are painted. Is there a way to have the effect of switching the z-index within an SVG? I was also wondering if there was a way to make the effect smooth, so there isn't a jerk when the objects switch directions. Is that possible to change with ease? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi there! I'm really excited about using Greensock, but I'm pretty new to both GSAP and SVG animation. I'm trying to build an animation where one shapes disappears behind an object and the other appears out from the same object. The effect would be one object "transforming" into the other behind an object (the Codepen makes it more clear). I'm trying to use clipPaths to do it, but I can't tell if I'm animating it correctly. It might be an issue with my CSS, I can't tell! The first CodePen attached is what I have so far with the clipPaths. The second linked below is with the clipPaths removed: https://codepen.io/cooganb/pen/vqLLQg Any help would be much appreciated!