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  1. Great link. Thanks you. I have to think now... native getBBox() vs specific getBBox() vs getBoundingClientRect() vs nested svg (but gsap+chrome KO) vs <g>+<use> ...
  2. Good question. That's because I didn't find a proper way to get the 'height/width' of a <g> element.
  3. Thanks you but I can't move the main svg (Sorry I didn't explain the whole situation...) 1/ I am using a global svg as a main container because it has a viewbox property that enables me to make zoom/focus easily. 2/ and I use as many svg child as elements because I want to be able to know their positions and width/height easily. Is there a better way to do that ? https://codepen.io/jackisjack-the-bold/pen/BgozYz
  4. Hi, This simple example doesn't work with Chrome , but work with Firefox. Do you know the reason ? Chrome : Version 75.0.3770.80 (Build officiel) (64 bits) Firefox : 67.0.2 Thanks you
  5. Thank you for these extra-informations ! Have fun
  6. Thanks you Jack - and Visual-Q. I am using this standard solution now :-) But I don't understand why there is this extra-object 'Cycle' because 1/ we can customized 'x', 'y' by object in "vars parameters", without using cycle. 2/ this can lead to conflit between parameters (in your exemple, "1 sec" versus "i * 1 + 0.5") 3/ and why the name is 'Cycle' ? There are no repeating processes with it. Anyway ! Thanks you again :)
  7. Hi, Is there a reason why we can't use a function instead of a number with the duration parameters in StaggerTo() ? Here is a change I made in TweeMax.js to make what I wanted. And here is a quick example : https://animation-lover.glitch.me/ (click button 'Performances')