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  1. Thanks for this fast answer. I know my examples doesn't use GSAP, but for the first one, i know i can use scrollmagic and gsap. I will check this thread and if i have further questions, i will post them on the thread. Thanks again!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for some code to do a smooth scroll gsap ready on website but i can't find any that fit my needs. For now, i found this one (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57365715/bug-found-in-scrolling-smooth-code-found-in-someone-else-post-but-dont-know-how), but i encounter some issues like it works for window only but not scroll in div elements. I also just discover this one, but not test yet : https://github.com/locomotivemtl/locomotive-scroll They don't share a min file of this except via NPM. Someone has a librairy that works great for all browsers?