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  1. Thanks a lot guys.. i'll try and get back soon!! I know i'm a beginner but i hope to become an expert as soon as possible.. thanks again!!
  2. Hi! i just recreated the image in svg with path, text and circle elements.. now i "just" have to animate them one by one, now i'm working on local so i can't submit my other tries, but the first try that i made is : [link removed for domain with inappropriate content] Now that i have the svg, i'm looking for a good animations (on page load, not on-scroll). As you see in my first try, i made some animations but with all the delays set manually, and it's very weary for me, and the result isn't what I need: the animations should be faster, and cool.. the "timeline" should be something like: the star appears in with a blink effect, the first text on the left fades in, then the text on the right , meanwhile the line starts the draw animation, whet it reaches the second star, this one blinks as the first, second text fades in and the third as well... and so on until the end of the line
  3. Hi everyone! I'm trying to find a good solution for an animation that i have to create. My goal is to have a line in svg that draws a constellation, in every corner of this line there is a "star", and i would like to have something like a "pulse" animation whenever the line reaches the single star, and a text near every star with a fade in animation. I attach an image that shows the final result i want to reach. Does anyone has some tips? I made some tries so far, but i can't reach a good looking animation.