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  1. Today is launch day for the PlayBook (the new BlackBerry tablet), and I have an app in their app store: http://bit.ly/twyst-bb It's called Twystem HD, and it's a puzzle-game written using the Adobe AIR SDK for BlackBerry tablets. I'm using TweenMax (corproate license) for the majority of my animations, and it made my life a thousand times simpler. Thanks! Product website here: http://bit.ly/twyst
  2. Actually, I was talking about Java, not JavaScript. Java is the dominant language on Android (though there's a native SDK written in C++), so it'd be the target for most GUI and game-development code. Having a tweening library available in Android would be spectacular. Of course, I understand the differences between Java (class-based inheritance) and ActionScript (prototype-based inheritance), so I'm well-aware that a tweening library for Java would be a somewhat different animal. I was just curious to know whether you'd considered it.
  3. I was reading this blog post, and it made me think about the potential for having the greensock tweening platform available in Java, for use within android programs. I've also wondered what it would take to get greensock ported to objective-c for iOS development. Have you given any thought to developing any other-language ports? Maybe if you posted it to KickStarter, you could fund the new-platform development?