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  1. Thanks for detailed reply @GreenSock, When you say While the user isn't directly editing GSAP-related code in the traditional sense, here's an example of what they will be able to do. The user will have a canvas for visually constructing widgets/page elements that they can use on their own web pages. They will be able to add other widgets/elements to the one they're constructing, some of which will be GSAP powered widgets such as text animations, transitions, or pretty much any kind of feature GSAP provides (including the additional paid features). So they could drag an element into their widget that contains some text that will be tweened using the text plugin. They will then have a collection of properties they can adjust, such as the text content, ease type, delimiter etc. There will also be a visual scripting system where the user will be able to hook into any GSAP callbacks and then visually write their own functionality to be called by them. The end result will be generated source code, containing GSAP code that is generated based on the users properties and visual scripts. The user can then include that code on their own website, publish the widget they have created to be downloaded by others or even sell it to a client. After writing this i'm pretty sure the end user is going to also require their own license since they are basically writing GSAP code, just through a visual wrapper, but i'd like to double check:)
  2. I'm creating a desktop application for visually building web layouts and animations and plan on purchasing a business license GSAP for timeline based key framing and its cool animation features. However, my app will have a couple of different licenses, personal and developer where personal grants the end user full use of the application for personal projects that wont be sold to anyone else and developer grants the end user the rights to sell products made in the application. How does this affect GSAP? The end user will be creating animations visually through drag and drop and keyframing and GSAP will be powering this functionality under the hood. Are my developer licencees going to need to purchase a business license in order to sell the things they create in my app? Additionally are my personal licencees going to need lower tier licenses for their projects to use the results of the additional plugins?