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  1. Hi!

    How can I make a div go from 0 to 100% width, and also from the center? I don't want to scale the whole thing - I just want it to animate the width.

    Also just wanted to say that I am super happy with both the products and the support here is amazing! Thank you guys for such a good product and community :)

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  2. Thank you very much! All working nice now :D

    Just one more thing if you can answer this.. As soon as I try to import ScrollToPlugin, my page breaks and throws me an error (image attached). Do you have any idea why this is happening?1938689407_Screenshot2019-07-30at22_56_18.thumb.png.913eebe471e0ae7d6b2abc98d5fdedd2.png

  3. Hi!

    Im building a site with Vue/Nuxt and in one of the components I have an expand effect that reveal some person info below a photo of a person. The persons are inside a loop, so it will output like 4-5 persons on the page.

    At the moment the timeline I have setup with GSAP works - but it affect ALL the persons at once (it reveal each persons content when the timeline is activated). I want it to only show the current persons info.

    Just wondering how I play/reverse the same timeline on multiple elements?

    Attaching some pictures of the Vue loop and the timeline with GSAP.


    Thank you :D 


    Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 20.29.47.png

    Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 20.32.46.png

  4. Hey,

    Im making a site with Vue and Nuxt and Im using gsap from node modules. In have problems loading the plugins I've bought from a folder.
    If I want to use e.g ScrollTo plugin - I've tried putting the minified script in a folder and then using it, but it throws me an error that it can't find TweenLite. How would I solve this?