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  1. I just made a quick codepen here of what Im making. Why does the svg logo behave so weird? Like flickering? https://codepen.io/daniel-hult/pen/WVJdzG
  2. I saw this video were they use animejs at 19:10 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpQTIYFkUNc) for the effect. I want to do this with GSAP instead
  3. I want to do an animated welcome page and on load the whole screen (the div element) should start from the middle and animate out to the sides. Is this not possible?
  4. Hi! How can I make a div go from 0 to 100% width, and also from the center? I don't want to scale the whole thing - I just want it to animate the width. Also just wanted to say that I am super happy with both the products and the support here is amazing! Thank you guys for such a good product and community
  5. Thanks for the reply! I tried implementing that, but then it doesn't do the animation when I click again. I want the animation to run each time I click
  6. Hi! In the codepen example - I have a slideshow with a small function called "animateSlide" that just maked the h1 tag red. At the moment it's happening very slow eventhough I've set it to one second. Any ideas why?
  7. Im not allowed to upload anymore media for some reason.
  8. Sorry, here is the error showing the file. Also just importing it like normal.
  9. Thank you very much! All working nice now Just one more thing if you can answer this.. As soon as I try to import ScrollToPlugin, my page breaks and throws me an error (image attached). Do you have any idea why this is happening?
  10. Hey! Thank you for the reply. I made a Codepen for the problem here: codepen.io/daniel-hult/pen/qembjY Hope this helps
  11. Hi! Im building a site with Vue/Nuxt and in one of the components I have an expand effect that reveal some person info below a photo of a person. The persons are inside a loop, so it will output like 4-5 persons on the page. At the moment the timeline I have setup with GSAP works - but it affect ALL the persons at once (it reveal each persons content when the timeline is activated). I want it to only show the current persons info. Just wondering how I play/reverse the same timeline on multiple elements? Attaching some pictures of the Vue loop and the timeline with GSAP. Thank you
  12. Hey, Im making a site with Vue and Nuxt and Im using gsap from node modules. In have problems loading the plugins I've bought from a folder. If I want to use e.g ScrollTo plugin - I've tried putting the minified script in a folder and then using it, but it throws me an error that it can't find TweenLite. How would I solve this?
  13. Hi! How do I prevent the text at the bottom from overlapping the previous section with the setPin? I thought setPin would stick the current section and not allow other content to scroll over it.