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  1. Hi, 

    I just purchased the license for gsap and received files as well. I need to consume them in my react based application so I would prefer importing them rather requiring or including them in my page. 

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Hi, 

    I have created the very basic code pen and is new to GSAP as well, I am trying to make table column re-orderable and re-sizeable. I am using TweenLite to place back column header if it dropped on an invalid area. It is not working as expected, when I drag and release it on other header, the target of the event has changed to other column header instead of the one I dragged. 




    below is the bug


    See the Pen JQaNdX by UmerHayyat (@UmerHayyat) on CodePen

  3. 17 hours ago, OSUblake said:

    Why are you even using foreignObject? I would not recommended using foreignObject for anything that involves user interaction or animation. It's just not reliable and messes up the current transformation matrix.


    Nest SVG in HTML, not the other way around.

    Hi OSUblake


    Thank you for your reply.

    I am using HTML divs inside foreignObject because I would like to have

    • scroll bar enabled (greyed area must have scroll bar)
    • drag and drop to other HTML elements which
  4. Hi, 
    I have created a minimalistic code pen to replicate the scenario CodePen. What I want to achieve is:

    •  Child (the cyan rows) should also be dragged along with the parent (greyed area)
    •  Child (the cyan rows) should be independently draggable within that grey area

    This works fine in Microsoft Edge and FireFox desktop browsers but doesn't work in Google Chrome

    See the Pen RmmEGX by UmerHayyat (@UmerHayyat) on CodePen

    On 6/6/2019 at 11:41 PM, Rodrigo said:


    Ahh yes my bad. I meant a Draggable trigger:




    Scroll down a bit in the features and you'll find it. Also here is a simple example:





    Happy Tweening!!

    Hei Rodrigo, I just tested my provided pen in Microsoft Edge and FireFox browser and it's perfectly working as expected. I think chrome's implementation is buggy or I need to open a ticket for draggable.

  6. Hi, 


    I am new to Draggable and is evaluating it.

    I have seen parent-child examples but don't know why it's not working in my case, I have created a codepen.

    I want to move the table (the greyed area in the code pen) along with its cell (the cyan area in the code pen), and allowing the cell to be draggable independently (the cyan area a single row). 

    See the Pen RmmEGX by UmerHayyat (@UmerHayyat) on CodePen