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  1. Thank you guys for the quick responses. @Dipscom, your solutions works like a charm. I didn't know you could add mini-timelines to a main one. Thank a lot! I got that from this tutorial on three.js and GSAP. @PointC, My bad. Your solution also works great! I just didn't notice you used the position in both lines. I had to change it to p.x and r.x tl.to( obj.position, dur, { x:keyframe.p.x*10, y:keyframe.p.y*10, ease:Sine.easeIn }, "label" + i ); tl.to( obj.rotation, dur, { x:keyframe.r.x, y:keyframe.r.y, ease:Sine.easeIn }, "label" + i ); I'll definitely look into labels. The more I learn about GSAP the more I love it Respect!
  2. TweenMax doesn't allow you to tween 2 or more properties at once in Three.js on the same tween. For example you can't tween rotation and position at once. You can only tween the rotation in one tween or the position but not both. I've managed to do it by pushing 2 tweens in an array and calling tl.insertMultiple(array). Unfortunately, for some unknown to me reason, it only plays fine the first time. After restart(), the tween/timeline is broken/stutters/skips. Notice when the color changes to red it's no longer smooth animation. Any idea why it only works once and then 'crashes'? Or is there a better way of doing the tween all together?