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  1. Hi Jack, Thank you a lot for your answer. Really hard to extract a part of my website to make a demo. But I worked hard to found where the trouble come from and I found something something interesting. The pictures are in a div (box) for move and the picture rotate. This work. I hide something under them and if you discover the button, you can click on it. It work well every where without firefox. But I detect the click zone (JS onClick on a div) under trouble the draggable of the pictures. The way I found is to create draggable for the button too and use the onClick:function() inside the draggable to detect the click. It's work. Many thank for your answer. I hope this can be helpful for anyone.
  2. Hi there, I'm happy to join the GreenSock community. I'm working on a project and using Draggable to move pictures. The website mix css, js, and lots of stuff and I don't found what happen on Firefox, the draggable work some time if you clic on the good place... It's work well on Chrome and Safari. To test, go inside and clic on the upper drawer on the desk. https://eventdrmartens.com/HellFest2K19/ Many thanks for your help hedy