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  1. ok thanks for explanation!! If you put (console.log(time)) in render time exists and has value. I tried your suggestion but frames per second are crazy. I will try to understand this good.
  2. Hi Dipscom, I had done the test that Jack's suggestion without stop time line. Now I have done the same but not working, you can see in the previous codepen var main = new TimelineMax(); main.pause(); main.add( lineOne ) .add( lineTwo ) .add( lineThree ); function render(time){ main.time(time) requestAnimationFrame( render ); stats.update(); renderer.render(scene, camera); if( capturer ) capturer.capture( renderer.domElement ) }
  3. Don't worry is for my english. I try to explain it. I want to synchronize tweenMax( internal clock gsap) with render. First, I want to call render() , second call requestanimationframe(render) and third call tweenMax into the render.
  4. Hello Jack, thanks for the answers. I read about tick and I have created one codepen following your opinion of master timeline. All animations are in master timeline. I configure two buttons with 'Record' and 'Save'. The problem is time to renderer. I believe understand you can create one event each tick but I would like to do upside down. Call tick from render When you try to create a video the time animation is wrong. What would be the steps to follow to control playhead ? Sorry for my english...
  5. Hello Steven Sanborn did you manage it ? I need to do the same.
  6. Ok thanks. I would like the time of the tweens are based in loop render because I use ccapture.js ( A library to capture canvas-based animations at a fixed framerate) and this library record by render loop. I check static.ticker to know how work
  7. Hello everybody, first congratulations for the library look amazing. I'm new with this be patient. I 'm working with threejs (basic level) but I want use your functionalities of tweenMax and TimelineLite. With tween.js you can make this : function render(time){ requestAnimationFrame(); TWEEN.update(time); } Is it possible to do the same with tweenMax? I need update TweenMax with render. Sorry for my english.