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    This is just a suggestion to update your CDN links for "copied to clipboard" feature on the Doc page. 2.0.2 is not the latest ver. of TweenMax. I spent a lot of time trying to get things working and as a newbie it really through me for loop, realized only in hindsight. Thank you very much. My best!
  2. Thank you very much!! It's working. I was using the npm ES Module. I assume I should use the .min.js version of each of the plugins? Thank you again. My best, Bobby
  3. "Is the path to your local file accurate?" Yes. Tested. " ES module instead of ES5 [?] I only know one file. The single, solidary link provided by GS. Can you explain the diff and how to use each and when and why? " Is there a reason you're not using the minified file (CustomEase.min.js)? " There is only one download from your site. I don't have access to CustomEase.min.js and would not know where to find it!?? The download is named : The sub-dir is on my system and it is valid and proven. Can I suggest the we focus on the only delta; linked code vs downloaded code which have different names evidenced by questions concerning file names and "minified" etc. I was not provided a choice of "minified" and not. I have only one file provided by GSAP. That is the starting point for solving the issue. Can you provide me a link to the minified (possibly working) version of CustomEase?? Many thanks, Bobby
  4. Thanks for your reply and help. I created a CodePen which, of course, runs fine. When I take that same code and replace this link: with it does not run. The only variable here, it seems, is the CustomEase code base I downloaded and the link to a different code base online. Everything else is constant. Thanks again for your help. Regards, Bobby
  5. This is the <head> of my project. The <body> contains an <svg> block.
  6. "CodeEase" was a "senior moment." 8-)) Sorry. The link is this: And the I consume the library as: (Ellipse (...) to shorten sample.) This is the line where things circle the drain. Thanks very much for your help. Regards, Bobby
  7. I am attempting to make use of CustomEase. I get an that CodeEase is undefined. The link is good because in VSCode a Ctrl+Click opens the file. I am linking as a src of a <script> tag. Any advice greatly appreciated!
  8. I am looking forward to upgrading to the "Club" Wednesday when I get my SS money. I will have access to SplitText and more. Thank you for your advice. My best, Bobby
  9. Thanks for the info. It seems I need to create multiple in-line svgs and animate each one. Any advice as to going down this road? I really want to animate type (any typeface or character) to the hilt. Thanks, Bobby
  10. In the CodePen, rotation and rotationZ seem to behave the same. So do X and Y as they do nothing except the transposition (move.) I am convinced I am missing something here, but, can't figure it out. Try changing rotation to rotationZ and rotationY and rotationX in the CodePen to see what I think I'm seeing. Thank you!
  11. ...and we would become the animation as it consumes us.
  12. I agree. I don't need MSVS for web stuff. However, I've always loved MS code editors starting with MASM and Visual C and on and on. I installed VSCode and was looking for some GSAP support...debugger, ed. extention, etc. I love GSAP! My best, Bobby
  13. Thank you very much for the tip. I currently use Dreamweaver and I'm very UNHAPPY with it's performance and age. It's part of my Adobe CC Suite. Given the name is VSCode can I surmise that is like the Visual Studio editor I've used for years? I am going to check out VSCode. Thanks again.
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    I came across the phrase " snapping, clamping, wrapping " and wonder where I can find definitions for each? Do they relate to squash & stretch, anticipation or other classic animation constructs? My best, Bobby Ballard
  15. Thanks very much for your help along with Shaun. It's moving. Thanks again. Regards, Bobby Ballard