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  1. Thanx for your detailed answer. Maybe you're right with agree to disagree. I can understand and accept your points and decissions. Good ones. Why I am putting weight on the cumulative instance totals is to show that TweenLite is doing somethig while it's not used. If this is neccessary for the timing then it's all right of course, but I have no clue. Maybe it's possible to implement a cleanup function that must be called manually in Tween_Max_, to get the initial state of the tweener? Before the first run of the tweener nothing happens with the cumulative instances, so it should be possible to cleanup all things by an additional function, that don't affects the tweening process function with conditional statements. What do you think?
  2. Yeah, every frame an Event instance gets created by the ENTER_FRAME event and immediately deleted by the garbarage collector. Your explanation is a good design for TweenLight in order to reduce Kb and the aspect that TweenLight is possibly most used in browser applications that get closed after usage. But I can't totally agree with your 4 points in relation to TweenMax. I'm using TweenMax in a touchtable application that never gets closed (in ideal case). So after a week I have 18144000 cumulative instances at 30fps. Ok it not really produces a lot of load, but it does produce load, while my app is doing nothing. I want that my application does nothing while it's doing nothing. Clean behaviour, reducing possible side effects in large applications. And I guess that instanciate an Event and call the listener method every frame costs much more load than a conditional statement that only gets evaluated while tweening. So it's only my humble point of view. Thank you very much for listening.
  3. Hi, I have just run the memory profiler, that is included in FDT 4.2, on my AS3 application. After I've created a TweenLite (or TweenMax) instance on a test-Shape I noticed that a lot of Event-instances get constantly created and droped immediately, even if the tween finished. About 30 instances per second, maybe it has to do with my framerate of 30fps. So the cumulative instances count increases constantly. The problems is that this costs a little bit of performance by creating and garbage collect these instances every time, for nothing, no tween is actually running. It would be very nice, if the tweeners are in true idle mode or better completly deleted from memory, after they was used. Anyway thanx for the great job! AldiPower