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  1. Oh.. Snap, thanks a lot, I bet you just saved me another day of struggle, amazing!
  2. Hello, I am having troubles to understand and get this functionality right. As default, I have created two Timelines, one Master and other is child, Slave. Slave Timeline is tweening progress of the Master Timeline (as I want to have exact same movement in this short animation) and once the Master timeline is requested to play, Slave timeline is paused so it doesn't mess up the actuall animation progress. This "Master play" is attached on the button, where mouse enter play the Master animation, and mouse leave reverse it. Now the tricky part is I am using "onReverseComplete" callback in the Master timeline, to set progress of the Slave, and play it again. As you can see in the attached demo, everything behaves as expected, except on the mouse leave "reverse" the Slave timeline doesn't contain anymore "repeatDelay" property (visually) and is looping like it was never set. I did try numerous approaches, but non of them was working, every time the repeatDelay has been removed, and I can't understand what is happening. Anyone any idea how to make this work, while preserving the logic? (Tweening progress of the one timeline within other) Thanks a lot!