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  1. @GreenSock I feel like the error is from the plugin... Applying the blurFilter using pixi has a 'passes' property ( becomes filterPasses) and makes it through that section in the pixijs code. That property is not available on the blurFilter using the pixiPlugin. The reason I am unable to upgrade- short answer -this is a work project that is underway and it is not my decision.
  2. @Rodrigo Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it is not possible to update in this project for me. Yes, It seems the plugin doesn't work with filters in my version of PIXI. Just wanted confirmation of that being the case.
  3. Hi Does anyone know if pixiPlugin can work fully with Filters using pixi 2.2.5. I am able to make if work using scale, rotation, alpha but no filters like blur, contrast, saturation, colorize. All filters seem to error at the same place. Cannot read property 'length' of undefined which is at filterPasses.length in the code Thank you in advance for you help.