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  1. Hi, when I Tween out my btn this views blured. I try with onComplete: var posX:Number=btn.x; var posY:Number= btn.y; btn.transform.matrix3D = null btn.x=posX; btn.y=posY; and works, but the change is heavy (i don't know if that's the right word) . I think this only happens with Z transforms... It's possible an smooth change?
  2. You're right!! I didn´t know that´s tweenTo create an intance. Now I understand why currentFrame of timelineSlider runs but a could'n pause... very good explanation!!! Is TweenTo the only way to navigate to a especific point in a timeLineMax? I bought the club greensock 2 weeks ago and I'm very happy with it and with the big help of this forum, a lot of thank...
  3. ok, I will post it. some questions... Is a good practice load some externals SWF (like sliderMicroSite Greensock) in a main SWF? And load external SWF that's load external images? sorry for my english and thanks
  4. Hi X10, I tried it but pause() didn´t work. Only work "timelineSlider.invalidate();" thanks
  5. I put this code in main SWF to acces at external SWF var MiEntorno:MovieClip = loaderEntorno.rawContent; MiEntorno.pauseEntorno(); this runs my function (at external SWF) , but i can't pause the timelineMax public function pauseEntorno():void { trace("PAUSE") timelineSlider.paused=true; timelineSlider.invalidate(); }
  6. You were right!!! The main SWF was in FP 9. I reused it from an example... A lot of thanks!!
  7. Hi Sorry for my poor english. I load an external SWF that's contains a microsite (like sliderMicroSite Greensock but more simple). This microsite has some alpha tweens goes correctly, but also has a rotationX tween that's not works. What's happens? singlelines.insert(TweenLite.to(mercatPa, 1, { rotationX:90, alpha:0} ), 6)