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  1. Ok - Im going to write my own solution here for anyone following. I followed Jacks advice and got there eventually. Basically I ended up using functions as the easiest way to run this. First off I made separate time lines for the panels and added them to a master timeline, but no matter what I did, it didn't seem to like adding repeat timelines to the master timeline. This works by returning a timeline via the function to give you a list of instructions or a script if you like under the TimelineMax declaration which is the master timeline. Nice and easy to follow and see where it goes wrong for testing. My coding skills are not great as I spend a lot of time working on design and video, but good enough to get a result here. I found Greensock a bit frustrating in that it all needs coding skills - the syntax constantly frustrates. Personally Id rather have something like Edge that you can produce visually but we have had that particular avenue closed now.
  2. I went to the css tricks page, read and then constructed a halfway house. I thought Id try multiple timelines before using a function. Now this one works, But problem is that JS part has unnecessary code. What I really want t to do is at the master.add part, simply include old timelines like (panel_1, panel_2 etc ) all the way to the last panel which would obviously be different. Also it strikes me as wrong because what if I want to repeat the whole animation five times, there clearly has to be a way of reusing the code in a simple repeat. When Ive been around the animation once, how do I reuse those timelines again without resorting to creating a copy of it in a new timeline? Or should I simply bite the bullet and make the timelines from a function as you suggest? many thanks
  3. Im definitely a beginner when it comes to coding and Ive been working as a digital designer for twenty years. I was using GS off and on over the years and really concepts like calling functions to generate timelines is the realms of programming, and GS bills itself as an easy to use animation tool. I can see the payoff is pretty good - memory use, compatibility - but its a bit away from the product description. Im just readjusting my animation more in line with suggested - many thanks for the tips! much appreciated...
  4. Hi, Can anyone help me here, I'm looking for a logic way ( ie not a time based answer like counting the overall time position ) to create a different ending to my animation. It uses a series of slides with yoyo that reverse the animations on each slide. On the last repeat, I don't want the yoyo as it closes the frame with text and everything. I want an animation that ends after x amount of repeats, in this case 1, but crucially it has a different ending on the last repeat. My solution here is to remove the yoyo on the last slide and just to use a fadeup in the first frame which gives the impression of continuity, but what I'd like to do is have a different ending for the animation when its on the last repeat. It needs to be something like "if not last repeat play all animations with yoyo and if on last repeat do not use yoyo section of the animation" I figured there might be a way to do this by killing the animations but I cant seem to get that to work, so this was the best I could do. Cheers