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  1. Hi Hero, I need to create a mouseover effect on a little button. The mouseover function will start at the end of the timeline. Here is the original mouseover effect. https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/Nvdvry Many thanks.
  2. Hi, I am new in GSAP. I want to add snowfall effect at the end of the timeline. This is my snowfall effect in codepen. (https://codepen.io/macrossyiu/pen/axXLqO). How can I do that? Many Thanks,
  3. Ops~ My mistake. it is working now with the"GSDevTools.min.js" Many thanks,
  4. Hi Jack, I removed {type="module"} in the script but the tools-bar doesn't show up. Archive-R2.zip
  5. Thanks for the reply, Jack. I added <script type="module" src="DrawSVGPlugin.min.js"></script> in the header. but no magic happens. Anything that I'm missing? Many thanks, Archive-R1.zip
  6. Hi I'm trying to make the GSDveTools works with Google DoubleClick Ad Banner. (Remove it and submit the Ad banner to DobuleClick when I get approve from the client.) I follow the tutorial from GS but the timeline tools doesn't show up. Please help. Archive.zip