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  1. Thank you very much first of all! The code u added in JavaScript made me understand it better! This assignment is something I made up for my self :). I am really interested in greenSock but there is just not enough information about it online in my honest opinion. Maybe I challenged my self a bit too much with this 'clock' thing. The next thing I want the clock to do is: Let the clock text slide in from the left, is this possible, if so, could you please explain it to me? If you make another codepen for me could you please add comments with a little bit explanation about the code, would me great for me to understand it! Thank you in advance, Noineter
  2. Hello guys, Greensock and his plugins is very new to me and I have trouble understanding it, I hope the answers on this post will help me out! I need help to animate a analog clock, the animations have to be done with 'Greensock'. Basically, I already have the analog clock coded. This link leads to my repo on github: https://github.com/noahkroez/Challenge-2. I was searching on the internet I just need two animations added with the Greensock plug-in: I want the background color changing gradually with the current time, so as example: from dark at night to bright at day. I want the clock to slides in from the left when the page loads.