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  1. http://gskinner.com/blog/archives/2008/ ... _info.html
  2. Thanks for the reply, good to know that LoaderMax doesn't properly dispatch the UNLOAD event, that may be the problem I'm dealing with. I actually inherited this project that was started a few months ago... I tried to update this project to newest LoaderMax, but I got a lot of errors from plugin dependencies so I figure I'd better now open up that can of worms (and by that I mean not spend more than five minutes on it)... Anyways... very good info. About your comment about the unloadAndStop(), I found this on gskinners site: Here is the list of things that unloadAndStop does to prepare loaded SWFs for collection: Stops all MovieClips Stops all sounds playing/streaming Stop/removes all Timer objects Remove all global listeners for enterFrame, exitFrame, frameconstructed, activate, deactivate Remove all stage listeners that have been created by the child. Closes all NetConnection/NetStream Video.attachNetStream/attachCamera(0) Microphone.setLoopback(0) Removes AS3 fonts from the global font table Stops sockets, xmlsockets, filereference downloads, other downloading objects (grandchildren SWF), etc. Frees bitmap related to cacheAsBitmap/filter, etc. Note that all of the above are run recursively, so they will also apply to any nested children, including other loaded SWFs. I'm not sure if this info is correct or not, all I know is that I couldn't get it to work... Will definitely be using the new LoaderMax next time.
  3. I see what you mean, and that's exactly what I did, just create some methods in the swf's for stopping video etc and exposed them. My swf's were listening for an Event.UNLOAD and it wasn't getting fired when I called mySWFLoader.unload(). The reason why I though LoaderMax might take care of it is because I read on GreenSock's site That line sorta made me believe that it did take care of it. Also I read that LoaderMax internally uses unloadAndStop(), which apparently traverses through the swf and kills active classes, like streams and such... Thanks for the response.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to unload a SWFLoader, which contains a swf with some videos that may or may not be playing upon unloading. After calling the method, the video doesn't stop playing. Is there some step I may be missing? I'm basically doing this: mySWFLoader.unload(); Should I be calling mySWFLoader.content.unload() or mySWFLoader.rawContent.unload()? I've tried both of those but they don't work. Thanks for the help.