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  1. Hi Jack and Carl, thanks a ton for your answers. I'm aware of the firerate of mousemove and the horrible code i've written, but neither cause the gradual slowdown which left me so confused. Thank you Jack for pointing me to the culprit, changing the code to something like this solved the problem. Now I can move on to cleaning up the code $($wrapper).mouseover(function() { flag = true; }); $($wrapper).on("mousemove", function(event) { if (flag) { moveCircle(event); } }); Thanks again, Jerome
  2. Hi, I just recently started fooling around with tweenlite and ran into the following problem: I've made an animation where nodes gravitate towards the mouse when it gets near. When the mouse gets too far from a node, it snaps back into place. The nodes are connected and stay connected when they move. The animation works fine when the window first loads, but starts to feel sluggish when you play with it for a while. The strange thing is that each node seems to have it's own tolerance => If you play with one node until its fps drops and move to a different one, it won't have any problems. the tolerance doesn't reset itself after time either, once sluggish it stays sluggish. Do tweens keep some kind of history that needs to be reset or what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Jerome