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  1. After self-learning for a while, I can solve mine problem. If I want to dynamically add a animation when previous animation is running, I can use the code above and change the added animation position from i*0.25 to t.time() Cheer GSAP for its powerful!
  2. thank you for your kindly reply! I have found a similar animation code in our forum, and fork it: How to dynamically create elements in animation? however, there is a big issue, i.e. new created box element keeps trace with the first three elements, which is not meet my expectations.
  3. I am a newbie with html5 animation area and I found GSAP. It's a powerful tool! However, in my project, I faced a knotty problem: there is a image producer which randomly output various images into a folder. I choose Chokidar to watch the folder and push the added image path to an array when 'add' event occur. Then I need periodically (e.g. 1s) choose the first element of the array to show it in the window frame and fade it within e.g. 3s. When the animation is finished, the array pop the element animated previously. After using GSAP timeline, I realized the tool normally need all elements participating in the animation to be statically completely designed at start point. Maybe I am wrong? or any feasible ideas? Thanks!