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  1. fu*☺ u are a crack. overflow:hidden and it's working like expected. thx for quick response and help.
  2. please watch it on a mobile phone and move with the finger to the left during 'split text' is in action. u will see that u leave the viewport. u are right that this seems to be a booststrap issue, but I cant believe that I am the only one who tries to implement split text into a boostrap project.
  3. I implemented a code example from codepen of split text in a bootstrap website. It’s working fine so far. But on mobile phones- android at least there is a bug. As long as the container with the split text is in action, I can move the website to the left. the bottom of the website is also flashing when split text is in action. As soon as I pass this container by scrolling down the website is fixed, even if I return to split text container. Any solution how I can fix it up from the beginning? here the link to my project at codepen