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  1. list

    hide mc

    Never mind, everything is working. Instance was not named.
  2. list

    hide mc

    I got msg Error: Cannot tween a null object. I placed mc2 inside parent_mc. and wrote TweenLite.to(parent_mc, 1, {y:200}); TweenLite.to(parent_mc.mc2, 1, {scaleX:2, scaleY:2, delay:1}); mc2 isn't responding?
  3. list

    hide mc

    I meant mc rather than tween. Ok, I'll try parenting. Thanks for the start.
  4. list

    hide mc

    How would go about nesting a tween within a tween. For example something scales up then ONLY part of the mc moves again not the entire mc that scaled up? I'm getting a bit of a snapping motion using visible=true. sure there is nicer way to do this?
  5. list

    hide mc

    I'm trying to hide mc_2 until the mc_1 completes its tween then make it invisible and make mc_2 visible then tween it so it gives the illusion that they're (mc_1 mc_2) the same mc. I'm trying to find a work around to nesting a mc tween within a mc tween. //mc_1 TweenMax.fromTo(mc, 3, {blurFilter:{blurX:30, blurY:30, quality:3}}, {blurFilter:{blurX:0, blurY:0, quality:3}, ease:Quad.easeInOut, yoyo:true}) TweenMax.to(mc, 2, {scaleX:2, scaleY:2}) //mc_2 ?
  6. list


    I have it working. Thank you
  7. list


    The blur doesn't seem to fade away. It remains? would also like the mc to alpha easein from being invisible. trying to set the alpha and blur to 0 properly for this to work. TweenMax.to(mc, 3, {blurFilter:{blurX:3, blurY:3, quality:3, ease:Quad.easeInOut, repeat:1, yoyo:true}, scaleX:1, scaleY:1});
  8. list


    Thanks for the reply. I originally wrote a line including yoyo:true only left out the repeat:1. I take it repeat:-1 means repeat indefinitely.
  9. list


    I'm trying to find an alternative to remove:true on blur. Looking for something that would ease the the blur out rather than suddenly removing it. any suggestions? TweenMax.to(mc, 3, {blurFilter:{blurX:5, blurY:5, quality:3, ease:Quad.easeInOut, remove:true}, delay:2}); thanks beforehand
  10. Yes! Files are working properly now, thanks to a cs5 update. Thank you for your time.
  11. I tried various things before this post, prob why found mixing of things in file thus the extra code left where it shouldn't. Renamed clip from mc and changed the naming respectively around file in as, properties, made sure com folder was in fla folder. I do understand instance name. Tried alot things before posting? Done all of that-correctly named it at covert to symbol.
  12. Other code works but not the copy and paste w import code? About to try cs4
  13. its problem on my end. recreated the same file and it returned errors? might look at installing cs4 for now?