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  1. Oh yeah, i did think about this. However, i messed up when i used opacity instead of visibility. I will update this as soon as i have the time. Thank you
  2. It worked, Strangely enough i was going to edit my previous post about changing tween into tl instead. But after i did that nothing was solved, guess i left out the ! mark. Thank you so much for this. I will update my codepen so people with the same problem will see it in the future
  3. Thank you for your fast reply. I tried it with mine, but somehow the restart button stop working. Here is the new codepen link.
  4. Hi, Thank for your quick reply. I just realized that i don't have to put pictures or anything, just a box with color will be enough. Here is the new codepen I want to know if there is anyone the restart button only work AFTER the animation end. I'm thinking of onComplete but i don't know how to use it properly
  5. Hello, I am new to this forum and i'm learning how to use GreenSock. So far my experience with it was enjoyable at least. It is easy to make animation and easy to understand. However, i'm currently having this problem. I made a button but it is clickable even though the animation is not finish. Thank you for reading Edit: Problem Solved, Please add $("button").click(function(){ if(!tl.isActive()){ tl.restart(); } For more information about this isActive, Please refer to this: https://greensock.com/docs/TweenLite/isActive