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  1. Hi, I'm completely new to greensock, and it sounds amazing. I made an html animation with Google Web Designer, but i'm having trouble controlling the playback of my animation. I have a main div, with multiple nested divs, each with their own animations at a specific time in the timeline. What I want to do is be able to play that animation from the start to let's sec 1.6 seconds and pause, wait for a click event then play from 1.6 seconds to 5 seconds then pause ant wait for click, and so on. I've tried tutorials to insert the greensock js files and use timelinemax to control the timing, but my project doesn't seem to want to respond. It doesn't listen to pause events at all. I could be totally wrong, but doesn't greensock act as a wrapper for my whole timeline where i can control everything about it? Is it because the animations that i have in GWD are css animations and greensock can't control that?