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  1. Thanks X10, juddery or joggle may be a better word to describe the "problem" . What I noticed is that, at first test run, tween have some interuption, almost always between about 50% - 80% of tween duration and juddery is constant. If I run test again (ctrl + Enter), interuption is gone but juddery is still constant. Maybe the problem is my graphics card. My CPU is Intel Quad Core, but I belive that graphic card (Ati Radeon HD 3850) is not so rubbish (or maybe it is ). I tested swf on my wife's laptop and the situation is slightly better - when I open swf with Firefox, at first run I can notice some small interuption and juddery is still here, but again, if I do refresh on Firefox, tween is much smoother, I can say that interpution does not exist, and of course - juddery exist.
  2. Frame rate is 31, graphic is created only with code I posted, if anyone have time to check (just copy code and test movie in Flash) I will be grateful. I know that vectors are more "expensible" than bitmaps, I red tweening tips of course I just want to check if only I have this "problem".
  3. Hello, I believe that the problem is not in Tween engine, but only to check just in case I missed something. The problem is that I get Tween interuption (I hope that this is the right word ), in other words, tween doesn't run smoothly. import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; var sprite:Sprite=new Sprite(); var g:Graphics=sprite.graphics; var s:DropShadowFilter=new DropShadowFilter(); var star_commands:Vector. = new Vector.(4, true); star_commands[0] = 1; star_commands[1] = 2; star_commands[2] = 2; star_commands[3] = 2; var star_coord:Vector. = new Vector.(8, true); star_coord[0] = 0; star_coord[1] = 0; star_coord[2] = 250; star_coord[3] = 0; star_coord[4] = 320; star_coord[5] = 350; star_coord[6] = 0; star_coord[7] = 350; g.beginFill(0x4A5886); g.drawPath(star_commands, star_coord); sprite.x=100; sprite.y=100; addChild(sprite); var timline:TimelineLite=new TimelineLite(); timline.append(TweenLite.to(sprite, 3, {x: 500, y:700}));
  4. Thanks, everything is perfectly clear.
  5. Hello... first of all, Jack THANK YOU!!! I didn't start new topic because my question is, I believe, similar to Deshu's. Is there any way to use ImageLoaderVars .container() and .onComplete() together, to add images to container after onComplete is dispatched? In other words, I need to load set of images (through XML), and I would like to use ImageLoaderVar property .onComplete, and when all images are loaded, I want to put them to display. Thanks.