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  1. Thanks @OSUblake , it indeed makes more sense this way! Regards, Olivier
  2. Hi, I have timelines that are the same, but that are targeting different elements, I've set a codepen to show an exemple, would there be a way to simplify the three functions and timelines into one with a kind of parameter ? Because only a letter is differing one to another but I can't figure out how I could ... Thanks a lot in advance, Olivier
  3. Thank you very much Shaun Gorneau , that helped me a lot!
  4. Waw ZachSaucier , didn't think about that, nice solution! Thank you very much!
  5. Hi, I try to call timeLines depending on which button is clicked, but I get errors. I've set a basic example on codepen. What I try to achieve, is depending on the button clicked, to restart a TimeLine. On my project, I have a lot of button, and I want to call the timeLines dynamically, without creating a different event for each button, Does anyone have an idea how to solve this ? Thanks in advance, Olivier