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  1. the bug is now confirmed by someone else, see: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6011
  2. hi, this is exactly the same behavior, I described before: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5958 I tried to use the most recent version without success. thanks for investigating...
  3. as I said. I had a recent version in place and I could not get any smooth chaining working without a rendering delay. then I did an update on the greensock lib (which was missing the swc btw) and I had total random results in visually displaying the videos. after that I switched back to an older version of loadermax and everything's fine. All this behavior with no change on my example code...
  4. actually the whole logic seems to be "completely" broken. I tested it against multiple scenarios and the behavior is totally random. When I switched back to an older version of LoaderMax everything is working seemless.
  5. Hi again, currently I'm trying to chain two video clips seamlessly one after another, e.g. with no rendering delay. The following things are occuring to me: Scenario 1: autoDetachNetStream = false, videoencoding flv ==== You do not see any rendering delay but the second video isn't actually playing visually. You only hear sound. Scenario 2: autoDetachNetStream = false, videoencoding f4v ==== You only hear sound. No video is displayed visually. with autoDetachNetStream = true everything works fine, except the render delay Here's some example code: package { import com.greensock.TweenMax; import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent; import com.greensock.loading.VideoLoader; import flash.display.Sprite; public class SimpleTest extends Sprite { private var _v1:VideoLoader; private var _v2:VideoLoader; public function SimpleTest() { _init(); } private function _init():void { _v1 = new VideoLoader("video_1.f4v", {auditSize: false, autoPlay: false, autoDetachNetStream: true}); _v1.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_PLAY, _onVideoPlay); _v1.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, _onVideoComplete); addChild(_v1.content); _v1.load(); _v2 = new VideoLoader("video_2.f4v", {auditSize: false, volume: 0, autoPlay: false, autoDetachNetStream: true}); _v2.load(); TweenMax.delayedCall(4, _start); } private function _onVideoPlay(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace("video _play"); } private function _start():void { _v1.gotoVideoTime(0, true); } private function _onVideoComplete(event:LoaderEvent):void { _v1.pauseVideo(); removeChild(_v1.content); //_v2.gotoVideoTime(0, true); _v2.playVideo(); _v2.volume = 1; addChild(_v2.content); } } } Thanks for looking into it!
  6. Hi there, when doing videoloader.load(); videoloader.playVideo(); the VideoLoader.VIDEO_PLAY event is fired twice. Once immediately after the play function is triggered and once after the Netstatus-Event is received. I found this when I was looking for an event to check when the video is actually playing... Sorry for not having had more time to debug it more precisely, maybe I'll get to it tomorrow But again, thanks for all your work!
  7. Hi, I can confirm the described behaviour. Any news on this? thanks!
  8. no worries. thanks for both the fix and the whole loadermax lib!
  9. yep. I just publish the fla and the traces are as follows: with autoplay(true); ====================== cupoint: 2.033 one at 2 sec cupoint: 4.04 two at 4 sec video complete with autoplay(false); ====================== cupoint: 8.333 one at 2 sec cupoint: 8.333 two at 4 sec video complete I'm on a mac. flash cs 5, FDT 4.1, Flex SDK 4.5.
  10. I just double checked with ASO files and also donwloaded the latest swc again. The issue still exists. On the other side I discovered the bug developing on a different project using FDT and the Flex Compiler. Also a different FLV is used. If you still can't reproduce the bug and I'll find some time I will investigate it by myself. For now find the demo attached again.
  11. thanks for your quick reply, but.... I found another bug, I don't know if it was already there before your fix. now you have: if you set autoplay = false, no cuepoint will fire before the video ends. then all cuepoints will fire straight through. again find example attached (just click stage to start video playback)
  12. Yes I'm using the latest swc. See attached zip for demonstration. If you still can't reproduce the problem, it might be worth checking it out on different machines / os. I'm on a mac... I also seems to behave different for different videos (encoding, length)... thanks for investigating...
  13. Hello, I'm using the VideoLoader.addAsCuePoint functionality: public function init():void { var videoData:VideoLoaderVars = new VideoLoaderVars(); videoData.smoothing(true); videoData.width(1024); videoData.height(634); videoData.bufferTime(2); var url:String = "url"; _video = new VideoLoader(url, videoData); _video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_CUE_POINT, _onCuePoint); _video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, _onVideoComplete); addChild(_video.content); _video.addASCuePoint(10, "one"); _video.addASCuePoint(20, "two"); _video.load(); } private function _onVideoComplete(event:Event):void { _video.gotoVideoTime(0, true, true); } protected function _onCuePoint(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace(_video.videoTime); } What happens is, that during normal playback all cuepoints fire correctly. But when I rewind the video on VIDEO_COMPLETE. All cuepoints will fire again. The videotime is still at the end of the video (videotime = duration). Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks for your help!