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  1. How can I clear z-index from a draggable after releasing it, so that new page elements don't appear beneath the draggable item?
  2. If I use the css plugin to animate to a specified className, does that CSS class need to have all the browser prefixes in it? Or will TweenMax automatically apply them?
  3. I dunno. Unless Greensock wants to support multiple codebases, I would be hesitant to be tied to a technology (ES6) not universally supported by all the browsers in the wild. It will be a long time before everyone in corporate-land gets over their love for IE.
  4. Is there an easy way to use GSAP to stagger a series of delayedCalls to the same callback function, optionally passing different parameters each time (ala cycle)? Or do I need to create my own loop to do this one at a time?
  5. I have been reading various threads here on doing a 3D card flip. Has anybody done this with a fallback method for IE and other browsers that don't support the necessary CSS properties? For example, maybe altering scaleX instead? Is there a way to detect the ability of a browser to support this, rather than detect a specific browser? I need to support IE 9 and up, as well as Chrome and iPad. Thanks!
  6. garyw

    CPU Usage

    In my experience, animated GIFs perform extremely poorly.
  7. Why is allowNativeTouchScrolling not documented?
  8. Setting allowNativeTouchScrolling to false with the new beta code did the trick! I would like to reiterate again that the only time I had trouble was when type='x'. Any other type worked fine.
  9. Okay, it seems to be working now in CodePen. It seemed to fail when part of the draggable box was below the bottom of the scrollable viewport. However, it still doesn't work in my own app (which has a lot of complex code). I am getting calls to onDrag as I drag, but within the onDrag callback, "this.x" is always 0.
  10. Funny, using type='y' doesn't have any problem.
  11. I am using an HP Envy 15 Touch.
  12. I am using a Windows 8.1 hybrid device and IE 11. If I create a Draggable with type:'x', it doesn't work. I created a CodePen to demonstrate this. I have to touch and drag about 3 times before it works. It works fine with a mouse.
  13. We are seeing some strange artifacts when animating an object. We have a small image that we bob up and down using TimelineMax. Here's the code: this.tabButtonTimeline = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1, delay:1, repeatDelay:0.5}); this.tabButtonTimeline.to(this.tabButton, 0.1, {y:-4}).to(this.tabButton, 0.2, {y:0, ease:Power1.easeOut}); On an iPad, while this small button is animating, a block of text elsewhere on the screen has a slight distortion that changes in time with the animation. It looks like half of each line of text shifts up and down a pixel. On IE, our client is observing an "x" symbol that appears and disappears in time with the animation. We are unabel to reproduce this one, but our client has shown us a video of it. Could this be the result of force3D? Would turning it off eliminate these issues?