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  1. Wow,now this is great ! Exactly what I was looking for, plus the good explanation, thank you sir.
  2. Hello guys, I have a problem with a "h1", I have centered it with the famous : position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); So it's perfectly centered, then I want to make it appear from the right so i'm tweening it like this : TweenMax.from("h1", 1, { opacity: 0, x:200}) The animation run fine, but if we resize the window, the Heading stay in his position forever, he do not stay in the middle of the screen, he is staying at the place he was when the animation stoppped. But if I don't touch his position : TweenMax.from("h1", 1, { opacity: 0}) I can resize it all I want, it will stay in the middle. My english is quite poor so i'm giving you a CodePen to visualize it. How can I make h1 fade in from the right and then making it staying in the middle when we resize the screen ? Thank's if someone is passing by ?
  3. Ho great ! I never thought about setting the body opacity to 0, my problem is solved and I learned some great things, thank you guys. Have a great night, (or day if you don't live in France) ?
  4. Hello Shaun, I don't want Elements to appear when I refresh the page so I set them to "opacity:0" in the CSS and then set them to "autoAlpha:1" in my timeline before their animations. (you can read my message just above)
  5. Hello Carl, Thank's for these informations, i learned some new things. But in fact I "set" the H1 and H2 values to "opacity:0;" because I don't want them to appear before the animations you know? I've created few projects to train myself with GSAP and if we don't put "opacity:0" in the CSS and then set "autoAlpha:1" in the timeline before the animations, we will see (a little glimpses) of our elements before the animations occurs when we F5 our page. You know spamming refresh and sometimes you'll see our elements for a little time. (I hope you understand this). So I was aware that I can set my Headings outside of the Timeline, but if I do that, I will see my H1 and H2 if I refresh my page, and I was setting my elements to avoid that.
  6. Hello everyone. It's my first post here and i really like this library. Before talking just note that i'm french and I'll probaly do somme grammar faults. So, my problem is that I've created a Timeline and then paused it (You can look the Codepen). Then i've created a SetTimeOut to play it after 2s. When the Timeline play after the pause, the H1 and H2 won't work. Then if we remove the pause and the settimeout, the H1 and H2 animation will work. I've worked on it for few hours and it's driving me crazy. I didn't found any post related to this so i'm asking you a little hand for me! ? (you maybe need to go to CodePen to scroll and see the h1 and h2 ;).