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    Thank you It works but you have not expected something different The solution is like a demonstration. It would be but with. I have the problem I can only change one element, as I do to be more elements, I have to make a variable (var = name) for each element. example var newColor2 = window.innerWidth <737? "0": "0.5"; tl.to (".boxTarget", 1, {opacity: newColor2}); etc, etc...
  2. kmytor


    And in this my other example the achieved an important breakthrough but I can not get the animation on mobile I hope you manage to understand what I need to do
  3. kmytor


    Hello I understand you I do not explain myself very well, forgive me ... I made another example with the example that you made me but I am not very expert in programming, I defend myself with the basics and I wanted to do something more advanced but when I saw that it did not fit in the mobile I was forced to try a conditional so that it fits the animations look this is my example
  4. kmytor


    but this function does not change to red color it only changes when you put it like that > 737 and what I need is that it works in both yellow and red depending on the size of the screen and here is not happening
  5. kmytor


    Hello again me I can not or better said nose now load the variable but with animations loaded
  6. kmytor


    I am sorry if I publish it in many parts it is that I need an answer that I do not have and nobody thinks that I understand what I want to do, I'm sorry I'm going to put it another way to see if you understand me. function intro() { if (window.matchMedia('(max-width: 320px)').matches) ) { var tlintro = new TimelineMax(); console.log("load desktop"); } else { var tlintromobile = new TimelineMax(); console.log("load mobil"); }
  7. kmytor


    AnimaWeb.to(".ass picture", 1, { top: "-=50%", delay: 0 }) .to(".ass picture", 5, { top: "30%", position:"fixed", filter: "blur(0px)", delay: 0 }) //how do you do this if (window.matchMedia('(max-width: 320px)').matches) { TweenMax.from(".ass picture", 5, { opacity: ".5", delay: 1 }) } else { TweenMax.from(".ass picture", 1, { opacity: "1", delay: 1 }) } .to(".ass picture", 1, { top: "90%", scale: 0.1, filter: "blur(15px)", delay: 0 }) .to(".bg", 2, { top: "+=200%", delay: -1 });
  8. disclpa another question There is a way to make a condition within a timeline like this here:
  9. or by God as I do not fix many thanks. but I do not understand why it was done with this action AnimaWeb.set (". ass picture", {position: 'fixed'}); ???
  10. I have a similar problem and I do not know what can help you, and I can not make it work in codepen either Thank you
  11. kmytor


    hello, again me they can help me I have two other problems I am not a programmer and I am in the apprenticeship I'm trying to make scrollmagic work in codepen.io the other thing is that I want this chain of aniamacion to run but it does not hold anything if (window.matchMedia('(max-width: 320px)').matches) { TweenMax.from(".astro1 picture", 5, { top: "0%", delay: 1 }) } Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token if Gracias
  12. Hello, thank you very much clarify many doubts and apologize not to be more clear is that we understand well what I was doing with the code this is the exercise queria hacer una sola cadena de animacion para hacer estos eventos al tiempo, delay, opacity y lo tenia estructurado de esta manera var tlOpen = new TimelineMax(); var tltwo= new TimelineMax("[.intro", ".foto", ".rules"]); tlOpen .to(".intro", 0.2, { opacity: 0 display: "none", delay: 0 }) .to(".rules", 0.3, { opacity: 0 }) .to(".rules", .1, { opacity: 0 display: "none", delay: 0 }) .to(".name", 0.5, { opacity: "0", ease: Power4.easeOut }); and what I want is this because I have many animated chains for this style and it is very long var tlOpen = new TimelineMax(); var close= new TimelineMax("[.intro", ".foto", ".rules"], 1, { opacity: 0, display: "none", }); tlOpen .to(".one", 0.2, { opacity: 0 display: "none", delay: 1 }) close("0"), //how to make it work in this part or load ? .to(".tres", .1, { opacity: 0 display: "none", delay: 3 }) });
  13. multiple css in a variable can help me I'm not very good programming and I do not achieve this example var close = new TimelineMax([".intro"], [".photo"], [".rules"]); TweenMax.from(close, 1, { display: 'none', delay: 0.5 }) Help!