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  1. Hi! Trying to figure out morphing thing. I made a circle in Illustrator, turned it to the path, then I also made a blob from this circle (with the same 4 anchors). Now I am trying to morph `path` one in another and having this bugs: I am not sure why this happening? How to morph this 2 shapes (w\out using MorphSVG right now, I need to figure this out first).
  2. @PointC tips are brilliant! Thanks so much
  3. By the way, for the future - why my Codepen link didn't embed? I am actively learning GSAP right now, so you might expect a few more questions, if you please ?
  4. Amazingly simple solution. Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone! I am trying to make simple hover 3d tilt effect with GSAP. All seems fine, but one buggy thing - on initial page load, when you first hover on card, there's super fast transformation happens, and I don't understand why this is happening? How to fix it? I tryed to put CSS `transition` on whole card, and this "glitch" is now animating. But what cause it in first place? Here I made repro (duration is super slow, so you can see this initial jerking): https://codepen.io/bdrtsky/pen/wNxpVW