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  1. Hey guys, new to the forum but have been using the green sock products for a while. So here's my problem, I'm making small internet ads, i made one in a certain dimension and it worked fine. I then saved a new version, re-sized it and modified it for the new dimension. at the end i have about 10 symbols labeled s1- s10. im using the allFrom tween for every one which works fine. but then afterwords i need the symbols to act as buttons. in the first animation i made everything worked fine. but this time with this new size their s1-s10 instance name becomes overwritten. I traced the event.target.name for these symbols and they have changed from s1 to "instance52" or something along those lines. whats weird is that the instance names stayed the same when i first ran the ad. the problem occurred when i changed the allfrom code to have the symbols slide in from a different direction. Is there a way to make sure that my instance names don't change? I'm not the best at as3 so it might be something simple that i've overlooked, but iv never had this problem before so I'm stumped. Thanks in advance!