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  1. You have it right, here is my code: Draggable.create(".dot", {type:"x,y", edgeResistance:1,resistance:0.2,bounds:$("#container"), throwProps:true,ease:Strong.easeOut,onDragStart:setCurr}); I guess I need to take out throwProps and build my own collision logic?
  2. yes, I have set my edgeResistance to 1, as I don't want my draggables to move past the boundary. What I would like is for the draggable to hit the boundary and bounce off it.
  3. Hi, Just started to play around with the draggable plugin, very nice thank you! Just wondering how I control the collision with the boundary? i.e can I set how far the draggble is pushed back off it?
  4. thanks Carl, normally I need to take the div out of the flow, but is there any performance advantage to doing it your way?
  5. This works for me: TweenLite.fromTo ($('#mapCaption') , 0.3, {opacity:0}, {opacity:1,display:'block'})
  6. thanks Jamie, it works in that is shows the div now, but it is not tweened - I guess i need to set the opacity to 0 as well?
  7. Hi, I often use display:none or $('#mydiv').hide() to hide a div, how can I use GSAP to show the div at a later point. Auto alpha does not do it: TweenLite.to($('#mydiv') , 0.3, {autoAlpha: 1})
  8. Looks great Micheal, thank you. Do the demos on this site use your plugin? Also, not a huge deal, but does your plugin respect basic html e.g paragraph tags.
  9. Hi, Sorry I can seem to find anywhere that explains how you target individual words for animation ? thanks, g
  10. thanks Jamie, the problem I have is I need to use display:none to hide the subs on page load, which cause the height to return as 0.
  11. thanks for this, unfortunately I can't translate your examples into something that works for an accordion menu. I have multiple sub menus, so I can't see how I can record and store their heights. I will keep trying and will post back if I can come up with something.
  12. Hi, I would like to replace jquery slideToggle with Tweenmax Jquery: $('.acordParent').click(function (e) { $(this).next('ul').slideToggle() e.preventDefault() }); Tweenmax: $('.acordParent').click(function (e) { if (isOpen==false) { TweenMax.to($(this).next('ul'), 1, {height:auto}) isOpen=true }else{ TweenMax.to($(this).next('ul'), 1, {height:0}); isOpen=false } e.preventDefault() }); but this does not work, I guess there is no such thing as height:auto?
  13. gareth

    Slideshow plugin?

    What I meant, was I would have to create gsap versions of slideToogle etc.. Thank you for all your help, I am going to give it a whirl.
  14. gareth

    Slideshow plugin?

    Hi Carl, Thank you, it sounds like your CSSplugin is a bit similar to the CSS3 transition plugin I am using for jquery to squeeze a bit more performance on mobile: http://playground.benbarnett.net/jquery-animate-enhanced/ my only concern is my file size will increase 10x (from 5kb to 54kb) and as i understand it slideToogle, scrollTop etc.. will default to jquery animate anyway.
  15. gareth

    Slideshow plugin?

    Thank you very helpful. Every site we create now is responsive so filesize and performance are very important - I thought I could gain the performance of GSAP, but not sure it is ready quite yet.
  16. gareth

    Slideshow plugin?

    ok, thank you very much. It sounds like I might have got the wrong idea about GSAP - if you still need jquery to achieve things outside animation, than I am not sure the increased filesize & complexity workflow would be worth it?
  17. gareth

    Slideshow plugin?

    Hi, I currently use jquery for everything, but I am sold on the advantages of GSAP. The one thing stopping me moving everything over, is there seems to be a lack of established plugins (understandable). Before I try doing this myself, is there anything out there like cycle.all or flexslider that helps create simple slideshows? Failing that, are there any tutorials for creating plugins for GSAP? thanks, Gareth
  18. thanks! sorry I thought you could but I could not remember the name of the plugin.
  19. Hi, Is it possible to tween from one gradient to another ? thanks, Gareth
  20. Sorry, I was being stupid, it works perfectly. Thanks so much for implementing my suggestion
  21. Thank you Jack! this looks awesome. I am however having trouble working with the stylesheet once it is loaded. Here is my loading call append: loadingQueue.append(new CSSLoader("css/summary.css",{name:"summaryCSS"})); and in my loadComplete function I assign it it to publicly defined stylesheet sumCSS = LoaderMax.getContent("summaryCSS") I then pass sumCSS to another Class, but the stylesheet does not get applied, am I doing something stupid? thanks, Gareth
  22. Hi, I have converted my project to use LoaderMax, it is working perfectly and has greatly simplified my code, superb work jack! I have not come across any bugs so far, but I do have a small suggestion; It would be very useful if you could load a CSS file like you would any other assets (image,swf, xml etc). thanks. Gareth
  23. In LoaderMax.html (the downloaded documentation) the example code does not compile because import com.greensock. is missing a *
  24. Hi, Is it possible to have a tween finish before a new one starts? I have some buttons and I would like the roll over effect to always complete before the roll out effect overwrites it. I have tried all of the overwrite properties, but nothing achieves the effect I am after. here is my simple code: private function buttonRollOver(e:Event):void { TweenLite.to(e.target.buttonTxt, 1, {tint:e.target.txtColorOver,ease:Quad.easeOut}); } private function buttonRollOut(e:Event):void { TweenLite.to(e.target.buttonTxt, 1, {tint:e.target.txtColor,ease:Quad.easeOut}); } } thanks, Gareth