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  1. It's really interresting but probably not the best for this project. I have about 350 items to be interactively show/hide with filters and that can be click to show more informations. I save some perfomance because my interactive elements are on a building (at different floors) and i hide a floor when not use. About PixiJS, i think i just put in my mind that it is use for games but i never think about using it for something else! When i got time to learn more about, i will try a little project with it. My main focus is a to have something easily interactive for users and easy to repeat if necessary.
  2. Long time ago, in school, i had use PixiJS to create a mine game, but i don't remember anything about it! I was wondering... If i had to use PixiJS to create my interactive map, should i separate all my layer in multiple svg file? The problem here is in my map, i need to map layer with data in a database. When i click in a shape, it should show me informations about it but the more complexe things is that i have to had some data in the SVG itself to allow me filtering them.
  3. It seems to work better than mine indeed. But i hope i will continue to work just fine because i still have some layers to add! Thanks for helping. I really should check Canvas and WebGL. I was hesitate to check about it because it seems not simple to add click event in a layer in canvas.
  4. I'm not really familiar with Canvas. If i have my svg file, can i put it in and have all the same controls that i have outside a canvas? For the Draggable element, it's my div element that contain the SVG element. I have put a onUpdate parameter because when i was zooming, the position of the Draggable object was not updating (considering its movement was limited in a container)
  5. Hi there, I can't put any demo for example but i will try to explain as much as possible. I'm working on a "map" in SVG where i will have some interactive elements. In my interface, i make a button to zoom up and another to zoom down. I have limited the maximum and minimum zoom possible. Here my function that is making the zoom : TweenMax.fromTo(element, 0.3, { scale:previousScale }, { scale:currentScale, immediateRender:false, ease:ExpoScaleEase.config(previousScale, currentScale, Power0.easeNone), onUpdate:update}); This is in a function that determine the "previousScale" and "currentScale" to do the work. The update variable in my onUpdate paramater is : var update = function () { elementToMove[0].update(true); }; Where "elementToMove" is my draggable object that i have created. My problem : I'm not sure if it's because i have a lot of layers on my SVG, but when i'm zooming, it's lagging a lot. Anyway to keep my big SVG and zoom normaly, without lagging?