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  1. This is very creative and nicely done. Thanks!
  2. Yes! Thank you Jack. Im learning bot things, gsap and JS and now im trying to figure out how to edit your solution to make the animation play again on another click ?
  3. Hi everyone! I have no idea if this is easy to do but here we go... How can I end an infinite timeline onComplete? I mean, I want to end it on user click but I don't want to kill(), clear() or pause(), I just want the animation to end his cycle then pause. Is it simple? Here's a pen I've made
  4. Hey Hi everyone! What incredible pieces of work you make! Im new in the business, I've started with Js GSAP and advertising about a year ago but I want to share this one I made in january. https://bit.ly/2GakuUs I'm still learning everyday so I hope to one day be like you guys