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  1. @Jonathan Actually it just ended up begin the lack of perspective. It worked fine with `getContext("2d")`. Thanks for the advice though!
  2. I think y'all are right but I haven't gotten it to work yet. Thank you!
  3. I've been working on porting a shattering/explosion effect from vanilla js (https://codepen.io/elitmsw/pen/XomeQZ) to react. I think I have most everything working, but unfortunately the z property, which provides the explosion, doesn't take effect anymore. Both are using v2.0.2, and fiddle as I might, I can't seem to figure out why it won't work. I found I can simulate the z effect with a negative custom easing and moving the shatterFragmentRefs to the top and left, but it isn't really what I want. Any idea what might be blocking the z from kicking in? Notes for navigation: the timelines are located in the Explosion Component in componentDidUpdate Let me know if I'm leaving out any important info. Thank You, espeigeltmsw