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  1. Thank you both for the detailed explanation. This makes indeed a lot of sense and I will change accordingly. In my case this is indeed a mistake (and I really can't think of a scenario where this would be intended). One question: Would the gsdevtools give some sort of feedback on overlapping animations (I don't use the tool atm)? Thanks!
  2. I have an element that is by default set to opacity:0 and then first set to 0.5 and then to 1 via GSAP. When I use a label for the timing the element is not reset to 0 but to a random (?) number somewhere between 0.3 and 0.5. Does restart() not reset all parameters? Thanks!
  3. I finally managed to optimise my code quite a bit. Now it is also possible to change maxLoops to 0 for endless loops. Please have a look and give me a feedback. What I am unsure is, if I could still use .call() to separate the end animations from the main Animation. If I understand correctly I cannot extend my tl. tween outside of the bannerAnimation() function. This is my new CodePen:
  4. Thanks for your fast reply @GreenSock I appreciate the detailed explanation of possibilities for this issue, which I will go through one by one. If I still am not able to solve my issue after this, I will post it here. About your note regardin TimelineMax we really use the lite Version because of the file size which many publishers want to keep as low as possible. As long as I can solve all problems I currently face, I will keep using TimelineLite, so I don't have to rewrite the code in case TimelineMax is unsupported. Anyway, I may reconsider switching to TimelineMax when I find a feature that helps making banner animations simpler.
  5. I'm using TimelineLite and try to achieve the following: Some Banner animation A call() for the end animation Banner gets repeated a certain amount of times (see maxLoops) Before repeat there are some additional animation After the very last repeation there is one last animation So I have a standard animation which is triggered everytime, some animations which are triggered before repeat and one animation at the end. Problem is, that as soon as I add tl.pause() all animations which should come at the end are ignored and are not triggered. Please check the CodePen for a simple example. Thanks for your help! Toby