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  1. I need a Slideshow animation based on HTML5 or Canvas Object OR https://pixijs.io/ creating this as Template: https://youtu.be/d-nK3J1Ks3k For good workers more Slideshow Projects !
  2. OK heres my Pen the Problem is that the tweenMax events can not start delayed, they start all nearly same, no matter if the delay is increased. so i expect to initial the tween with a given delay please look at Console.log
  3. Hello i run the tweenmax in a loop for a Videoslideshow Between new Titles in a delay of 5 seconds , . the problem is that the loop is pointing to the last title, because it not async (and not waiting) event "onStart" is always starting immediately - so maybe a solution would be a new Event which start after the delay "onDelayStart" loop1 TweenMax.to(title, 1, {pixi:{onStart:function(){title.text='Label 1';},alpha:1, delay:0,colorizeAmount:1}}); loop2 TweenMax.to(title, 1, {pixi:{onStart:function(){title.text='Label 2';},alpha:1, delay:5,colorizeAmount:1}}); loop3 TweenMax.to(title, 1, {pixi:{onStart:function(){title.text='Label 3';},alpha:1, delay:10,colorizeAmount:1}});