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  1. Thank you very much for reply! I've tried setting immediateRender:false, fromTo, duration, all as you said - still the same( The 3rd animation (from the bottom) goes wrong... Maybe it would be better to make codepen example closer to the original dev-version to see the issue? Writing to GitHub also.
  2. Hello. Firstly, I beg a pardon for my JS knowledge. Secondly, for the English... So. I've got the 3-step animation of the object in 3 sections. I've illustrated it in codepen and simplified a little - in real dev version not only y-axis movement implemented. If i refresh or load page above these 3 sections, everything works fine. All 3 steps works as it should be. But. If load/refresh lower, or on the second, or third section - animation doesn't work properly backwards... Especially on the first part of the animation - "The Item" doesn't get right coordinates. I hope that codepen version and my explanations would be enough to see the mistake. If not - I will upload site from offline to my test server and give a link. Thank's for the help in advance!