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  1. Hey, thanks so much for taking the time on this... It kind of does and doesn't work. My problem is that now that the whole thing is centered, when you make the window smaller the "blah" icon vanishes off the left hand side. In the test that is not important, but in my actual file it is KILLER. I basically need to make sure that the image does not move any further left than "blah"... do you see what I mean?
  2. Ok, I put together an example.... in the publish settings the html dimensions are set to "percent". Basically when you click "bottom box 2,3,4 or 5" and then resize the everything snaps to where it tweened to. It is killing me! My file is a lot more complicated so I dont want to have to re-code everything!
  3. That almost helps, although I now have a new slightly more complicated example! If you look at the file I have uploaded, my new problem relates to the fact that I have pinned a movieclip that contains "blah", "bottom box 1,2,3&4" & "box1,2,3&4 of which box 4 is behind a mask covering box1,2&3)" to the middle of the stage so everything inside there moves together. Now, inside that movieclip, if you were to click "bottom box 2", all the boxes would slide left and "box 2" would stop where "box 1" used to be. Unfortunately when I resize the window LiquidStage ignores the mask and shifts everything across.... is there any way I can get round that without breaking apart my movieclip and repositioning everything individually? (I've added CarusoTop.swf. Not sure if you can view it, but that is the working example of what is happening)
  4. So, I have implemented LiquidStage as you can see in my attached zip file. The problem is that when you click the gold button on the left the images are meant to tween across the stage, but the moment you resize the browser they snap back to where they were. I was wondering if it is possible to stop that happening.
  5. I was wondering how one would go about creating the bar that dow HU have across the bottom of their screen... How do you make it full screen? and how is their video full screen. Are they using LiquidStage? Any pointers would be much appreciated... http://www.dow.com/hu/
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    I was wondering if anyone knew how to achieve an effect similar to the rotation of the little red cog on this site using tweenmax. http://www.ysannephotography.com/