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  1. Indeed it does. I feel the need to explain myself on the overwrite-gate issue. I usually don't mess with that since, as you stated, TweenMax handles it very nicely by default. The problem started at this point: TweenMax.killAll(thisButton); I don't know how, I can't explain right now, but as I was typing that line I thought "hey, ok to killTweensOf, but what if I have delayed calls? Oh, here's another method, let's use "killAll"! That will surely do what I want"... shame on me Truly, I just GUESSED what killAll was gonna do and never checked it, I simply was sure I knew by some kind of jedi power. So, when Tweens got crazy, I never even thought about it, I immediately GUESSED (WRONG again) it was some issue with the overwrite and started testing. Carl put me on the right track with his observations and noticed the irresponsible use of killAll. After he posted I corrected the kills, but let the overwrite's behind. Again, so sorry. I completely overlooked it. It's all working now except the contact form, maybe it is some simple little project, not even paid, but I like to do things the best I can. As soon as I complete the contact form I'll leave the URL and a zip with all the files here for whom ever want to use it as a skeleton or example. Thanks for all the help
  2. Wow! that was some production! Yep, nice review, sorry my code gets a little messy at some points. You're right, those overwrite were messing things up, i guess i don't keep much track of my fix attempts. Now that's cleared, i'm still checking about the erratic tweens, i guess someone will point out some messy function or i'll get to the bottom of it and post about it. Thanks for your effort and time, i'll keep you posted. EDIT: I don't think this deserves another reply... turn out i did one more test, and all of a sudden the tweens aren't breaking anymore. As I predicted, i was gonna feel embarrassed xD I'd swear i was initially testing it like that, seems i was wrong. A huge thanks! I really need to be more careful not to break things up while trying to fix some others, i end up messing the code for not paying attention. All i can say is, at least, i was honest i wrote exactly the order of changes... just didn't tried them by separate...: Thanks a lot, i don't thing deleting the post would do any use to no one. I mod/admin thinks it should be deleted it's fine, but i don't care about my file being here, and don't worry about the youtube video either, i don't mind. Thanks, cheers
  3. thanks for the reply! i will start tomorrow with your suggestions to slow the tweens, hadn't thought about that. endTransition only sets a couple of booleans like "isAnimating" or "inTransition", nothing fancy. I'll check it out anyway, and start placing traces. I'm kinda glad with your answer, I was afraid I would get some "didn't you see the endless loop you're firing?" kind of reply that would've been embarrasing. Thanks, i'll keep posting any results.
  4. If it is the only tween happening you could try a simple globalTimeScale tween: (and i say "only tween" because it is "global"... obvious) TweenMax.to(title,1,{scaleX:10,scaleY:10}); TweenMax.to(TweenMax, 0.2, {globalTimeScale:0.1, delay:0.25}); TweenMax.to(TweenMax, 0.2, {globalTimeScale:1, delay:0.75}); being the delays when to slowdown things and when to resume. Sounds a little bit crazy but i've seen it done somewhere, can't recall now. Couldn't achieve the same effect tweening a timeline.timeScale, but i guess i must have been doing something wrong when i tried it.
  5. Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum. I'll try to explain my problem in a simple manner. I'm building a tiny site for a friend who's trying to start his bussines (well... aren't we all? xD). I work mostly with Flash, build the graphics on the UI and then focus on the script. This is the site: http://www.probiomasa.com.ar/index.php .I post it so you can check what my problem is (the only working buttons are the first 2): The sidebar buttons have a OVER and OUT handlers, both made with TweenMax: private function sideBarButtonOver(e:MouseEvent):void { var thisButton = e.currentTarget; if(thisButton.activeLabel) return;//if we are here, it stays like it is TweenMax.killAll(thisButton); TweenMax.to(thisButton.backColor,0.25,{x:0, ease:Expo.easeOut,overwrite:0}); } private function sideBarButtonOut(e:MouseEvent):void { var thisButton = e.currentTarget; if(thisButton.activeLabel) return;//if we are here, it stays like it is TweenMax.killAll(thisButton); TweenMax.to(thisButton.backColor,1,{x:-thisButton.backColor.width + 10, ease:Expo.easeOut,overwrite:0}); } The buttons work flawlessly, very responsive and well tweened. Check it on the site. Then i have the click handler, which hides the previous "page" and tweens in the new one. Again, this works like a charm. private function makeTransitionTo(mc):void { var transition = new TimelineLite({onComplete:endTransition,onCompleteParams:[mc],overwrite:0}); if(mc.name == "respaldoStage") { //var entrance = new TimelineLite(); transition.appendMultiple([ TweenMax.to(respaldoStage,0.05,{autoAlpha:1}), TweenMax.from(respaldoStage.titulo,.5,{alpha:0}) ]); transition.append(TweenMax.from(respaldoStage.frameRespaldo.miniFrame,0.5,{y:-500,ease:Expo.easeOut})); transition.append(TweenMax.from(respaldoStage.frameRespaldo.miniFrame.respaldoSideBar,0.5,{x:197,ease:Expo.easeOut})); }else{ transition.append(TweenMax.to(mc,.05,{autoAlpha:1})); transition.append(TweenMax.from(mc.titulo,0.5,{alpha:0})); transition.append(TweenMax.from(mc.placa,0.5,{alpha:0})); } } Note on this: respaldoStage has a special tween because of its contents, the problem occurs with any page transition. As soon as clicked, if I let the mouse still, the tweens go smoothly, but if i play around the sideBar buttons, the tweens break up. So far (so you see i've made my home work) i tried changing overwrite settings and, finally, changed TweenMax.killAll(thisButton); to TweenMax.killTweensOf(thisButton); That seems to fix the issue, but then the buttons' over and out handlers are SO very less responsive -> http://www.probiomasa.com.ar/index.html (sorry, it is a work in progress, it's not optimized and has no loader, bare with me) I have tried some different options with no results. I'd like to keep the responsiveness of the killAll but get rid of the breaking tweens, any ideas? PS: biomasa.zip