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  1. Basically, I have a few timelines within my Master timeline, and I want one of them to start 1 second earlier to it is animating closer to the time of the one before it. masterTL.add( createLogo(), "logoLabel" ) .add( logoOut(), "outLabel") .add( speedometerIn(),"speedLabel") .add( mLogoIn(), "mLogoLabel") .add( clockIn(), "clockLabel") .add( musicIn(), "musicLabel") .add( volumeIn(), "volumeLabel") .add( drivingModesIn(), "drivingModesLabel") .add( dateTempIn(), "dateTempLabel") .add( fuelIn(), "fuelLabel") .add( carGearIn(), "carGearLabel") .add( driveGearIn(), "driveGearLabel"); Here is the code adding all of the timelines to the master timeline, I want the "volumeIn" timeline to start 1 second earlier. I've tried adding "-=1" in every spot and it doesn't make a difference anywhere.
  2. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
  3. I'm trying to animate the plane to follow the path of the dotted line and move it around the earth. I cannot use rotation because obviously that just animates it in place.
  4. Hi, Is there a way I can animate the stop color values of a gradient using TweenMax, or in a timeline? <linearGradient x1=".258%" y1="49.75%" x2="101.258%" y2="49.75%" id="linearGradient-1"> <stop offset="1.281415e-03" style="stop-color:#FFDD15"/> <stop offset="0.5" style="stop-color:#EE4036"/> <stop offset="1" style="stop-color:#9E1F63"/> </linearGradient> I would like to animate those three colors to three new ones.
  5. @PointC Thank you so much! Going to try and implement this now, really appreciate all the help here, still just learning this Greensock stuff so this has been very helpful.
  6. So from my understanding, somewhere in the HTML I need to call the gradient that I will eventually fade into? Thank you all for your help and responses!
  7. Is there a way that I can code an animation that animates a black fill color of an svg to fade into a gradient? Basically when the black circle enlarges and fills the screen, instead of the word becoming white I would like to fill it with a gradient across the entire word. Any ideas?